Exceptional Children, Extraordinary Potential


CADRE - Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special  Education
Family Member Webinars - https://www.cadreworks.org/for-families/webinars
Working Together Series -www.cadreworks.org/resources/cadre-materials/working-together-series
La serie Trabajar juntos -  -www.cadreworks.org/resources/cadre-materials/la-serie-trabajar-juntos
Five interactive self-directed courses provide families and educators with a number   of strategies for working together and through conflict. Anyone supporting children or youth with disabilities may benefit from this series, however, the setting in which collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution takes place within this series is typically the school or IEP meeting.
               Course 1: Introduction to the Working Together Series
               Course 2: IEP Meetings and Beyond
               Course 3: Listening and Responding Skills
               Course 4: Managing and Responding to Emotions
               Course 5: Focusing on Interests to Reach Agreement

Center for Parent Information & Resources - Hub Central Event Calendar
Webinars on Special Education, IEPs, Early Intervention, Inclusion and more - www.parentcenterhub.org/  Hub Event Calendar appears on left bottom of page

ECAC - Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, NC's Parent Training and Information Center
The IEP Team Process:  A Framework for Success - https://www.ecac-parentcenter.org/media-center/the-iep-team-process-videos/          
           Chapter 1:  IDEA and IEPs  
           Chapter 2:  The IEP Team
           Chapter 3: The IEP Team Process
           Chapter 4:  Getting Ready for the IEP Meeting
           Chapter 5: The IEP Meeting

South Dakota Parent Connection
Be Informed: Questions To Ask About Your Child's IEP.  As a valued member of the IEP Team, asking questions helps you be more informed, assured your child is receiving appropriate supports, and better prepared to support your child at home.

Parent Friendly Explanation of Behavior Assessments & Behavior Plans.  In this session, learn why interfering behaviors occur, when a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is warranted, the goal of an FBA, and the steps involved in creating an effective Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). Presentation Handout

Understanding the Functional Behavior Assessment. This session will explain the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and the parent role in both the FBA and the Behavior Support Plan writing process. Presentation Handouts

When The School Calls: Addressing Responses to Behavioral Challenges
More and more parents report getting calls to come get their child who has misbehaved at school.  This session will include information on strategies for parents to use when addressing concerns for their child's behavior at school.   Information will be provided about levels of support from how districts handle general behavior of all students to options for individualizing supports for when a student needs more.
Presentation Handouts

Dare to Dialogue! Getting Past No.  In this session, we will walk through statements, strategies and resources that you, the parent, might use in advocating for your child's right to an appropriate education when faced with a difficult conversation.  Presentation HandoutsDare To Dialogue Guide

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