Exceptional Children, Extraordinary Potential

Looking Forward

Parent training and information centersEligible Montana parent organizations will have the opportunity to submit competing project proposals for a statewide PTI, typically a 5-year award, with the project to begin October 1, 2020. Interested organizations are encouraged to register with www.grants.gov/ to search/receive updates regarding desired grant opportunities.

"Parent training and information centers must serve parents of children of all ages (birth to 26) and all types of disabilities. Awards are made only to parent organizations as defined by IDEA. The training and information provided by the centers must meet the training and information needs of parents of children with disabilities living in areas served by the centers, particularly underserved parents and parents of children who may be inappropriately identified. " https://www2.ed.gov/programs/oseppic/index.html

Montana PTI/SD Parent Connection is a neutral party and unable to assist or support potential applicants regarding the 2020-2025 grant funding opportunity.
We look forward to ensuring a successful transition for the parent center that will serve Montana families, schools and communities in 2020 and beyond.